Eastern Sudan - Ears of Goodness

    Ears of Goodness Complex, Eastern Sudan

    Eritrean refugees have been displaced in Eastern-Sudan since 1967 as a result of the longest conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Over 500,000 Eritrean refugees living in makeshift camps in Eastern Sudan have fallen victim of the war and poverty for almost over 40 years now. They remain destitute and deprived of basic survival necessities such as food, water, shelter, medical care, education and much more. Aid agencies ceased their operations in the refugee camps when Eritrea was “liberated” from Ethiopia but did not give any chance for the refugees to return to their homeland due to the ongoing internal conflict in Eritrea that started after the independence. Consequently, the conditions within the refugee camps deteriorated further to a state whereby the refugee camps in Eastern-Sudan are classed as being the world’s worst, such that they do not even conform to the minimum humanitarian standards that are provided to refugees in other parts of the world.

    The current plight of the Eritrean refugees in Eastern-Sudan has continued to rapidly deteriorate and has now become what many consider a humanitarian catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands of children became orphan with no education facilities available and now the illiteracy in the camps exceeds 80%.

    The Ethar Relief with the financial support of Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) has started to construct an orphanage named “Ears of Goodness” for these stranded orphans with the objective to educate and help them survive through these difficult circumstances.

    The 1st phase of the construction of the orphanage has been finished, while the 2nd phase is underway. It is hoped that with the help of the Muslim Ummah this “Ears of Goodness” project will be completed soon that will create education and shelter for almost 300 orphans.

    The construction started after UWT released first payment in January 2010. Construction began by laying the foundation stone for the whole building. We started building and digging the foundation until we got the lintel beam as can be seen in the photos attached.

    Please donate generously so that we can complete the project with your little help.

    Ears of Goodness Complex- Construction update of the second phase

    The Complex consists of: 6 living rooms, 1 staff room , 1 store room, 1kitchen, 1 dining hall, and a school building with 8 class rooms, 3 staff rooms and 2 laboratories.

    Further to that a health centre will be built with 8 rooms for patient wards, doctor’s chamber, OPD etc.

    The construction of the 2nd phase of 3 blocks is under progress. Finishing work will include painting, tile setting, electric wiring, toilets and bath rooms as well as setting up with furniture. Please assist us in this highly rewarding project.

    Ears of goodnes construction