Gaza Power Generator Appeal

    Please assist your brothers and sisters in their hour of need.
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    A 50 KVA (Kilovolt-Ampere) 'F G Wilson' Generator  can provide electricity for an entire Hospital. The cost of the entire project including installation is approximately £14,500.


    Gaza, April 9 2010, (Pal Telegraph) 'Engineer Kanaan Obaid, Vice President of the Palestinian Energy Authority, said this morning that the power plant in the Gaza Strip faced a complete shut down due to fuel and equipment shortage.'
Power cuts affect every aspect of civilian life. Without power, the Gaza’s water authority, the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU) cannot pump and distribute neither water nor process sewage. Power cuts also mean that hospitals have to suspend operations in order to ensure emergency services, and children, who make up 56 per cent of Gaza’s population, are at the risk of health problems related to contaminated water and non-functioning sanitation and heating systems.</div>
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    Currently hospitals and the CMWU rely on emergency generators to maintain normal services.

    A limited and diminishing supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip is placing ever increasing pressure on the delivery of basic services in health, education, water and sanitation to a growing Palestinian population. The current restrictions on the supply of fuel and the continuing ban on imports of spare parts and machinery exacerbates an already precarious network for the provision of these basic services and will lead, inevitably, to further decline in the standard of living for the residents of the Gaza Strip.
    UWT has started purchasing Diesel generators that will provide an alternative energy source. The Diesel Generator will be used to support Mosques, NGOs, operational buildings as well as health clinics and Hospitals.
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