Appeal for orphans of the Ummah


    UWT has been operating a 1-1 Orphan Sponsorship for the last 9 Years. Allhumdulillah we have increased the numbers of orphans in our care to 2669.
    Country Total No of Orphans Price per month Full 1 Year Sponsorship
    Afghanistan 735 £25 £300
    Albania 280 £25 £300
    Bangladesh 150 £25 £300
    Burma 160 £25 £300
    Chechnya 20 £25 £300
    India 100 £25 £180
    Iraq 50 £35 £420
    Kashmir 260 £25 £300
    Pakistan 355 £25 £300
    Palestine 50 £25 £300
    Somalia 150 £25 £300
    Sudan 50 £25 £300
    UCA (Pakistan) 329 £25 £300
    Most Needy  -- Any amount Any amount
    UWT has launched an emergency appeal specifically for Sponsorship of Orphans. We aim to increase the number of Orphans we support by at least another 500 before the month of Ramadan so that help can quickly reach the most deserving of orphans.
    We request our donors to help Orphans in Africa (Somalia, Sudan) as well as (Iraq and Palestine) as due to the ongoing conflicts and instability the costs are higher but so is the need and Insha-Allah the Reward from Allah Subhanu Wataalah.

    Case Study - Palestine

    Gaza City - Then home of the innocent are bombared; children with dreams of an education and a safe place to play find their homes in ruins the next day, waking up to the horror that their Mother and Father are dead.

    The shocking truth is there are more than 55,000 orphans in the Gaza Strip alone. More than 2,000 of those are a result of the War on Gaza in 2009. Click here for the full story >>