Sumatra, Indonesia Earthquake Appeal

    The situation in Padang, where the earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale took place on Wednesday 30th of September has triggered a massive response by Ummah Welfare Trust.

    1,100 dead
    325,000 people affected

    View field report on the Sumatra earthquake on the UWT Blog.

    The death toll is rising on a daily basis and it is feared the situation is much worse than initially anticipated. UWT partners are already on the ground assessing the level of destruction and the relief effort that is required.

    Water supply is an immediate problem for many of those left stranded. 80% of buildings have been destroyed. Therefore the requirement for emergency shelter is critical.

    According to the Indonesian government which is welcoming international help, states priority needs are medical supplies, petrol, generators, sanitation equipment, food and shelter equipment.

    Ummah Welfare Trust already has teams working on the ground, but there is a desperate need for funds to continue the essential work. In the past, it has been noted that much of the death, illnesses and child mortality takes place after the disaster, due to the slow arrival of vital life saving aid.

    £100,000 has been allocated from the Most Needy budget in order to respond to this disaster. Please DONATE generously so that we can respond effectively in the short, medium and long term. Much more funds will be required to provide long term stability to the people affected by this disaster.

    Thousands of lives are still at risk.

    Emergency Response