Urgent Gaza Appeal

    24/01/2008 - The policy of stranglehold blockade on the Gaza Strip, Palestine has escalated, entering a catastrophic phase with the total shutdown of electricity, with all aspects of daily life grinding to a halt, in addition to the complete closure of all the border crossings, turning the area into a giant prison.

    The blockade is affecting 1.5 million people in the Gaza Strip, denying them the right to free movement, and the entry of food, humanitarian, and medical supplies. Conditions in Gaza have taken a turn for the worse, and are extremely perilous, especially with the loss of electricity to homes, and civil and educational establishments. Hospitals have been paralysed, unable to perform surgical procedures, or care for critically ill patients.

    A horrific environmental and public health disaster in the making have begun to appear, with raw sewage spilling out onto the streets, as pumps stopped working. This will certainly lead to the spread of epidemics on an appalling scale through the refugee camps and towns bursting with people, causing a huge health catastrophe.

    Please donate generously and help UWT get emergency supplies to the Palestine people and help them survive the continued onslaught.

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