Frontier Province (Pakistan) Crisis Appeal

    £100 buys a family (six people) emergency aid pack (contains basic food, bedding, utensils and clothes). Click here to view the pack contents.


    £250 will provide the funds to run a mobile medical clinic for a day.

    Ambulance Appeal

    11-05-2009 - Crisis Update

    The exodus from Swat is adding to a rapidly-growing humanitarian crisis. Officials in Mardan, on the lowland plains below Swat, said 250,000 people had registered for help – more than double the total on Friday.

    Officials said they feared as many as 1.3 million people, including 550,000 displaced by earlier fighting, could soon be homeless in the North-West Frontier Province.

    06-05-2009 - £1 Million Appeal Launched

    Thousands of civilians are fleeing their homes in Pakistan's Buner & Swat Districts.

    The Buner & Swat Districts are located in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

    The total population of Buner District is 740,000 & the population of Swat is approximately 1.3 million. Over 40,000 people have been displaced in the recent unrest.

    Situation now

    The situation in Buner & Swat is extremely hazardous due to the continuous military operation taking place there. Most of the people have left their homes due to continuous bombing & shelling. The displaced people have left the sanctuary of their homes in search of safer locations, a large number of people have suffered serious injuries and many are left to suffer in the open skies. Innocent people are suffering A large number of women have became widows and many children have been orphaned. Thousands of displaced people are living outside in extremely poor weather conditions, they are crying for help from Allah. The migrated people are facing a shortage of essentials food items, drinking water and medicines. Those that are migrating to the camps setup to help them are also facing rejection as there is no space available within the camps, these miserable and dejected refugees are barely surviving outdoors. Help them now Women are crying, children are freezing at night, there is no food and no transport to take the injured people to the hospitals. Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan) have started the emergency relief work for the displaced people who are migrating from their home villages to the Swabi district. UWT have already arranged cooked food, ambulances and medication, as shown in the pictures below. UWT have launched a £1 million emergency appeal for the refugees, we expect the situation to worsen in the coming weeks, with up to 1.3 million people becoming displaced and forgotten. Please help them today.


    Children Injured
    Children seriously injured

    Families Leaving Thier Homes
    Families walking miles to safer ground.