Idlib Crisis Appeal

    The beginnings of a major bloodbath have begun in the Syrian province of Idlib, where a major final invasion is threatening the lives of some three million civilians.

    Idlib's southern areas are currently being lit up in massive air strikes. Three hospitals and an ambulance centre have already been destroyed; the evil tactic of levelling public services again being used to maximise civilian casualties.

    Idlib remains the last refuge for Syria's weary Muslims. Over a million of them are already displaced from other parts of Syria. At least half of the population meanwhile are children.

    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
    'Allah is in the help of His servant, so long as the servant is in the help of his brother.'

    An emergency appeal has been launched for Idlib's families, and others across North Syria, who've been left with nowhere to go. Ummah Welfare Trust needs your help to provide them with food, medical supplies and other items where needed.

    The charity's office and warehouse have been working out of Idlib full-time during the last five years of Syria's war. It is now mobilising for what could be its biggest ever programme.

    Please help. The world has cynically abandoned our Syrian brothers and sisters. We mustn't do the same. Donate your Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah and help them to see better days.

    Please choose 'Syria Emergency Appeal' when donating.