Palestine Gaza Appeal 2009

    13 April 2009. E-Mail Newsletter sent as part of the appeal launch. Click here 10 April 2009. Eye Witness Account from Gaza. Click here
    15 March 2009: View the letters of thanks from Gaza. Click here
    2 March 2009: Report of Aid Distribution. Click here Update 25th Feb 2009:

    UWT distributes $135,000 in Gaza & a further $350,000 worth of medical equipment have been purchased. Click here. Update 17th Jan 2009: The situation in Gaza is getting worse with over 1,100 dead and more that 5,000 seriously injured. The damage to infrastructure is severe with many homes destroyed. Please continue your donations, even though no amount of money will wipe away the tears of the mothers who have lost their children. Update 12th Jan 2009: We have had a big response to our appeal, but we still haven't reached our target of £1 million, the crisis continues with over 900 dead, of whom hundreds are innocent children. It has been reported that the hospitals in Gaza have reached breaking point, where the thousands of injured do not have access to essential medications and are dying, this shortage has been caused by the continued blockade and the increasing number of severely injured.

    Please continue donating and raising money to help our brothers and sisters in need. Emergency Gaza Appeal Launched Even though the Gaza strip has been under months of blockade and lacking access to the most basic food and fuel supplies, the people of Gaza have come under attack yet again. Hundreds of† Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured after the Israeli air force launched dozens of air raids on the Gaza Strip.

    At least 30 missiles were fired by F-16 fighter bombers. The first round of air strikes came just before noon, followed by several more waves of missiles, killing dozens and leaving many buried under the rubble. About 60 warplanes took part in the first wave of air strikes.

    They were the heaviest Israeli attacks on Gaza for decades. More air raids were launched as night fell.

    Residents spoke of children heading to and from school at the time of the attacks. Please donate today and help the Palestinians again in their time of need. UWT have launched a £1m appeal.