Help the Injured in Syria

    Today's perpetrators maybe new but the bombs and their targets remain the same. Each new week in Syria sees markets, masjids and hospitals bombed, and hundreds of residents maimed or killed.

    The conflict has left an estimated 1.9 million Syrians injured, many permanently so. Sadly, as focus remains elsewhere, these wounded civilians remain trapped, unable to help themselves or their families.

    Many families who have injured members have exhausted their savings to pay medical bills, while others, who have seen their breadwinner left permanently injured, now have no regular income.

    'Seek help among your weak ones, for you are given provision and help only because of the weak amongst you.'

    [Sunan Abi Dawud]

    With your help, Ummah Welfare Trust is now providing financial support to the wounded and injured civilians of Syria.

    With your help, monthly cash grants will be given to heads of families who, due to sustaining permanent injuries, cannot provide for their families anymore. Families who must tend full-time to injured members will also receive assistance.

    A unique project offering huge reward - you can help a family tend to an injured member by donating just £34 a month, or £408 for the year. Just over a pound a day can make the difference.

    Make the most of these opportunities to earn reward and reach out to Syria's injured this month. Donate today.

    Zakah Sadaqah and Lillah can be given for this appeal.